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Sacred Counterpart Sessions

Book a session with the Psychic Power Couple Rachel Kirkland and Peter Hansen – You get them both at the same time!!! – It’s a Unique Experience!!!

It is an amazing combination of earth and sky, cosmic and elemental, feminine and masculine infused sessions that bring about transformational change, healing, and divine alignment!

About Us

Peter and Rachel met while both working within the metaphysical community, Peter as a Psychic Angelic Channeler and Rachel as a Psychic and Shaman. Their unique angelic and shamanic energies embody both the Mother Earth and Father Sky elements bringing into balance the perfected sacred union template.

What makes their work so incredibly profound is that it combines psychic and shamanic multidimensional sight with relational guidance. They are able to use their clairvoyance and clairsentience to SEE and FEEL where the relationship blockages may be, create and guide you through releasing energy work where needed, and project into the future where your relationship is headed.

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“I recently had the pleasure of working with Peter and Rachel in a joint session. I was in need of some clarity, clearing, cord cutting and healing after a very difficult experience. The combination of their intense, compassionate and dedicated energies created a palpable atmosphere in which it was easy to dive in and believe

I would receive what I needed most.  I could not deny that real work was being done. Rachel used her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities to tune into the issues with laser-point precision. She spoke from her higher wisdom and purest heart space to help me see myself and others involved with understanding and compassion.

Peter brought in the angelic energies and began doing body scanning and energy work to clear my aura of the traumas. Then, Rachel held the atmosphere with drumming and vocalizing while Peter channeled messages that cut down to the core and healed from the inside out. They worked together so seamlessly it was like they shared a brain. By the end of the hour, I felt like I had released the hurtful aspects and could see the way in which the experience was bringing me further along in my journey.

I am so grateful for Rachel and Peter!! In the following days and weeks, as I faced possible triggers, I was able to look back on this session and hear the healing words they channeled for me in order to continue forward. This kind of work could have taken months or years to process through on my own. To summarize – the session was highly effective and gave me tools to continue the work on my own.

Absolutely worth every minute and penny invested!!!”
-Sara Markgraf


Watch us at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

Published on Feb 13, 2018

Conscious Life Expo 2018. IdeateTV host Leah Cevoli talks with Rachel Kirkland, the Modern Shaman and Peter Hansen, Channeling Arch Angel Gabriel to talk about how the two met within the community and later started Sacred



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We Also Do Facebook Live Stream Q & A’s Together

Stay Tuned For The Date Of Our NEXT Sacred Couples LIVE Video Event! 

Join Peter and Rachel for an free hour of heart centered conversation about Sacred Counterpart Relationships!

On select dates they will be discussing various topics brought up by the live audience such as: navigating through spiritual relationships, divine partnerships and the polarized experiences, how to find counterpart balance, the twin flame template, sacred sexual unions, and the 5d unified light body!

Every event is a unique experience with one of a kind questions and topics that are on listeners’ hearts.  If you have yet to join in on one of these live streams, now is your chance!  Get your questions ready!  Peter and Rachel’s group energy is formed of high vibrational souls all syncing up in love alignment; it is truly incredible!


Helping encourage and empower each other in our relationships is monumental! Whether it is your own divine feminine and masculine balance within you, or a sacred counterpart with whom you are seeking divine union – this LIVE EVENT is always relevant!  More of our video’s  – Click here

Your sacred counterpart journey starts here: