Working one on one with Peter Hansen – Psychic Angelic Channeler.

We reach a point in our spiritual journeys when we transcend the need for instruction and begin to desire empowerment. At this time, the greatest gift is guidance that illuminates the path toward one’s own intuition. Peter harmoniously embodies both the divine masculine and divine feminine, providing clients with exactly the gentle guiding force needed for this journey within.

This journey toward the north star of one’s own intuition is not completed overnight. Peter is wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding clients through each exquisite phase. His profound abilities as a mentor make clients feel safe as they bravely venture into full integration with their highest vibrational potential.

Peter’s abilities are multi-faceted. He possesses both the psychic vision to provide clients with answers and solutions to specific situations and the ability to cultivate the healing power within his clients, strengthening their belief in them-selves and their belief in the radical power of our universe and the collective. After working continuously with Peter, clients will find that they no longer need to seek any external sources for answers — they are able to access their own inner wisdom and calibrate their energetic fluctuations. Beyond this expansive experience, Peter works with clients to remove any limiting beliefs and outdated programming that no longer serves the goal of expanding into one’s limitless truth.

As we grow into our multidimensional selves, we are called to rely so much on what we cannot see, on feelings that are just in their infancy, and on a sense of trust in our spiritual intuition that is continuously challenged by societal projections. Peter possesses the extremely rare gift to soothe and comfort during the most challenging internal storms of our spiritual growth. This sense of protection is invaluable and a vital element of this journey.

Utilizing his ability to protect, nurture, and empower, Peter provides one-on-one services ranging from isolated sessions to  in-depth mentorship programs. Peter is able to meet each individual exactly where they are and offer exactly what is needed, whether that be occasional sessions to move through energetic plateaus and help elevate one’s perspective or regular healing work and the steady cultivation of a customized, continuous spiritual practice.

Peter’s promise is mentorship that strips away any fear and ultimately delivers each client to his or her inner teacher.

“If you are interested in doing life changing spiritual work and building an intimate one on one client relationship with me, then the time to act is now!”


One on One Mentorship

Some of the Mentorship Program Benefits

A Mentorship with Peter is an Inner Transformational Journey with a powerful guide by your side with KEY focus on keeping UP the client’s personal vibration so they can sync up during the work to reap the divine integration benefits. 

Unique support tools to sustain your high vibes and get back up when triggered, with life changing protection techniques.





Payment Plans Available.



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I want to thank you so much for such a precious experience.  You gave me a reading on my Birthday and the connection was nothing short but ELECTRIC!  The alignment that occurred was at such a high vibration that not only did our phones and electronics heat up but beautiful spiritual  physical manifestations occurred before, during and after.   
On a deeper more profound level the insight and confirmation of soul fragments that were able to flow in at such a heightened state of awareness was super empowering. 
Few people are able to align with the Angelic Kingdom and allow that level of Divine Dragon Energy to manifest forth with such clarity and insight.  I so appreciate reconnecting with Soul Family and the alignment you maintain.  Your gifts and service to humanity contribute to raising the vibration of our planet and humanity overall. 
I highly recommend a reading from Peter Hansen. As a facilitator of Life Between Lives spiritual exploration I see more and more how imperative it is that we wake to our fullest potential NOW!  So much is happening and the increase in intensity of the challenges that our humanity is facing can be balanced by each of us doing what we can to grow and learn how to move into those Higher States of awareness.  Many of us are asleep to owning who we really are as powerful sovereign souls that have a Divine purpose for which we incarnated here and now.  Peter you can help people see, feel and embrace this very thing.  Thank you and much love and light by friend.
-Claudia Hilton 

“Peter is an amazing example of the angelic work being done heartfully on Earth right now, he is present and engaging, insightful and inspiring. His spiritual connection is apparent and the energy very palpable. I highly recommend him.”


“I felt a bit lost & fearful that I might take the ‘wrong’ next step in life. So I reached out to Peter. It was instantly so comfortable to talk to him. Everything that he channeled resonated!! He is a magnificent Angelic Psychic Channeler!! He listens to the Angels. And then with such gentle, compassion – he delivers messages that are in perfect alignment with what needs to be heard.”


“Peter is genuinely channeling Arch Angel Gabriel, coupled with being intuitive, kind and loving. He serves your highest good and gives you guidance that inspires and directs. As you develop a relationship with him, you’ll find out that this is his calling and he’s making sure you are protected, loved and assisted in whatever way serves you best. I can’t recommend him enough.”




Growing up, I always felt a strong and deep angelic presence in my life. However, it wasn’t until my near death experience and being in a coma 20 some years ago that I truly came to know the power of my connection to the angelic realm that resided within me.

Ever since then I have sought to further develop my connection with my multidimensional body, higher self, as well as my psychic abilities.  I went through intensive personal psychic development and became aware of all that I already knew.

My spiritual gift to channel Archangel Gabriel came through with an amazing clarity and things only escalated from there. Healing others and shining my Light was never new to me. However, after reconnecting with all of my psychic abilities, I stepped fully into my role as a professional healer and angelic channeler.

In the last decade, I aligned fully with my true purpose in this lifetime.

I am here to anchor divine light, serve humanity as an spiritual ascension guide on this earthly plane, to empower others on their path, and to heal those that need a transmutation of energy from dark to light!

“Peter has a phenomenal heart and embodies such a rare balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine within himself.”

Profound Psychic Angelic Readings – Mentorship – Business Psychic Insight – Channeling Archangel Gabriel – Etheric Cord Cutting – Removing Negative Entities and Attachments – Angelic Energy Healing – Ascension Guidance.

Peter Hansen Awarded Psychic Angelic Channeler of the Year 2019 

By the Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards


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