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“Absolutely inspirational! That was my thought and feelings upon coming across your work and recent interview. We are living in some very difficult times and yet, there is an awakening going on. Many people are opening up to their spirituality and embracing their gifts. Many know they are being called to a higher purpose. However, there are many questions and uncertainties for them. They want and need just what you can offer them – profound wisdom and guidance. You are putting such amazing energy into the world and I want to honor you for your work Peter.”

Bonnie Van Schyndel – Executive Producer – Transformation Talk Radio


Living in the light interview with Peter Hansen & Host Mary Amy

Sexual Alchemy

Sexual Alchemy Podcast with host Libby Lydecker and Special Guest Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler and Mentor

Quantum Conversations

Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey and Peter Hansen


Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey and Peter Hansen: Title: Archangel Gabriel Live Q & A Guidance, Taking the next conscious steps, channeled through Peter Hansen.


Awakened Spirits Network - Wow! What answered prayer and tremendous joy and privilege to chat with the amazing Peter Hansen. Peter's a lifelong mystic who had his wake-up call after a life-threatening car accident in his native Denmark in his 20s. After being in a coma for ten days, he returned to his life with a dramatically new sense of higher purpose. He channeled Archangel Gabriel and did a powerful sharing and healing session with me, for which I am forever grateful. Thank you, Peter! Peace and Blessings! All My Love, Lou :-)





Straight Talk For The Soul

Awake TV

awake universe tv


The Tracy Clark Show



Straight Talk For The Soul With Cari Murphy




Transformation Talk Radio




We Don’t Die Radio Show

Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die I’m your host Sandra Champlain author of the best-selling book called We Don’t Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death and our guest today is Peter Hansen who had a near-death experience during a terrible accident and was in a coma for ten days when he was 20 and now Peter Channel’s Archangel Gabriel so I’m sure there’s so much we’re going to learn today, Peter’s website is Peter Hansen welcome to We Don’t Die Radio!

United Intentions Network

Psychic Soup: Angelic Awakening To Limitless Love With Peter Hansen. Alright welcome everyone to Peter Hansen. Peter is an internationally known psychic angelic channeler and healer and what’s really interesting is that he has a unique connection to Archangel Gabriel from which he receives unique messages from the angelic realm. Peter is also a ascension teacher he activates healing alignment through angelic energy which I think that’s what I experienced. He joins Psychic Soup (6min into the show!!) and reveals his life story, along with great techniques to connect to your higher self with a special meditation at the end of the video!


Healing Networks

Healing Networks host Flerida is Interviewing Psychic Angelic Channeler Peter Hansen, talking about angels, ascension and psychic healing modalities and answering several Live Questions from the podcast listeners. I’m very grateful to have you here on the show Peter, for those that are not familiar with you can you please tell us: 1. Who you are where you’re from and share with us your style and how you connect to and communicate with the angelic realms and channel information for people to help them? 2. Also explain what an angelic energy healing session with looks like? 3. How can you differ from someone who actually has the ability like you do to someone who might be scamming people without pure intentions? 4. What do you love about what you do for a living?


Speak Your Truth Podcast

I’m Speaking my truth with Sonya Mujeeb, Thank you for having me on your podcast, it was such a fun and easy going relaxed talk show with a guided angelic meditation at the end, I highly recommend y’all to listen to it using this link. Love, Peter #SpeakYourTruth #ArchangelGabriel #Psychic #AngelicChanneler #Love #Spirit #Awakening #NewWorld #HigherSelf Peter Hansen –



Feb 2018 - Awaken to Brilliance with Isabella Allard and Peter Hansen
Feb 2018 – Awaken to Brilliance with Isabella Allard and Peter Hansen


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