Upcoming Travels and Events

Upcoming Travels and Events

My travels, Workshops, and Free Public Events as a Spiritual and Angelic Healer, way-shower, and Mentor are a considerable part of my passion. Sharing my gifts this way allows me to connect with such a wide range of extraordinary people, such as yourself, and seeing the profound result of each channeling is a gift in itself.

Upcoming Events - Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler and Mentor


Peter Hansen A Quantum Human Conversation

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 – 12:00 pm PDT

You’re cordially invited to an exclusive event with Lauren and Peter on April 17 at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET. This is a transformative Quantum Conversation, designed with a Q & A session and a LIVE audience.

Join us for a unique opportunity to reconnect with the Angelic Realm, guided directly by Archangel Gabriel. We will delve into the various stages of spiritual ascension, explore the significance of eclipses and stargates, discuss shifting realities, and explore personal growth, wisdom, knowledge, and DNA blueprint activation—essential elements for the quantum field transformation and embodiment.

Every Live Event is a Unique Angelic Experience with one-of-a-kind questions and topics that touch listeners’ hearts. This is an event and a rare opportunity for profound personal growth and transformation. Prepare questions and join Peter Hansen, Psychic Angelic Channeler, and Lauren Galey for this upcoming Quantum Conversation.

The LIVE Quantum Conversations with Lauren, Peter, and AA Gabriel are designed explicitly for listeners keen on spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and uncovering the deeper purpose of their lives. 

Register here for this free event: https://newearthone.com/courses/register-quantum-human-summit-series/

After registering, you will get an email from Lauren Galey for my show 2 hours before the event and can listen to the replay anytime.

Love and Blessings,

Lauren and Peter.


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Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler with an Eagle in Denmark
Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler with an Eagle in Denmark



The Aum Nation Member Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler and Mentor