Upcoming Travels and Events

Upcoming Travels and Events

My travels, Workshops, and Free Public Events as a Spiritual and Angelic Healer, way-shower, and Mentor are a considerable part of my passion. Sharing my gifts this way allows me to connect with such a wide range of extraordinary people, such as yourself, and seeing the profound result of each channeling is a gift in itself.

Upcoming Events - Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler and Mentor




Light body activation from Archangel Gabriel and Peter Hansen

Light Body & DNA Activations for Embodiment” Conference on New Earth One Network.

Beloved Soul Family,

We’re at another crossroads, and more or less, everyone is being pushed out of their comfort zones, leaving the old, outdated consciousness and relationships behind and ascending to the next level of expansion. On the other end of the spectrum, others are descending deeper into trauma and victim mentality, not ready to let that go yet, holding on out of fear, unable to release and clear the attachments, expectations to the old personality, and sense of self.

Ancestral line relationships hold immense amounts of soul contracts, lessons, cords and attachments, and history. In this sharing, we will focus on healing, resetting all timelines into one unified field, and establishing a new foundation with what’s in the highest soul alignment.


-Un-Tangle Relationship Cords.

-Healing Essential Relationships in Your Life.

-Finding Courage, Stepping Out of the Shadows/Illusions 

-Establish a New Foundation.

-The Light Seed, Root of Your Soul, Your Divine Blueprint.

-Timeless Divine Alignment.

-Reaching the Final Level, End of a Cycle, Completion.

-It’s All You

Anchoring Heaven on Earth – Traveling back to where we grew up comes with growth opportunities every time we go, offering healing and expansion in all our relationships, past and present, no matter where we are on our ascension journey. Self-reflection, a higher perspective, and openness to acknowledge and transform “how things are.” is accessible for healing. When seeing everything through a lens of divine light and holding the crystal clear vibrations and frequencies from the core of our soul being, we can then see the beauty, love, and purpose in it all—not looking or obsessing on perceived faults, recognizing its part of the old script, that we created for our soul mastery and growth.

Our innermost frequency dictates what reality we consciously create and transmit into the field and how we show up through soul embodiment and light.

The wisdom and teachings on this topic will offer the audience a rich experience and the opportunity to learn more about your mission, personal experience, and offerings in the study of Ascension.

Enjoy a Free 1-hour pre-recorded presentation with Archangel Gabriel, channeled by Peter Hansen and Lauren Galey.

Love and Light,

Peter and Lauren


My Recorded Activation will be available October 5th

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Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler with an Eagle in Denmark
Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler with an Eagle in Denmark



The Aum Nation Member Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler and Mentor