Archangel Gabriel’s Sacred Purifying Spray

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Archangel Gabriel’s Sacred Purifying Spray 

Blessed By Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler and Encoded with Angelic Frequencies & Diamond Light Codes

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Archangel Gabriel’s Sacred Purifying Spray

Blessed By Peter Hansen

Encoded with Angelic Frequencies & Diamond Light Codes.

“All ingredients being used in the creation of this product have been handpicked very carefully. We made sure that All are working together harmoniously and are here to assist you in cleansing your surroundings of negative or stagnant energy you have come in contact with and bring Balance and Bliss into your personal space.”

The magic behind this product:

Archangel Gabriel inspires me to create divinely channeled pieces that nourish the Heart and Soul. We make this Sacred Purifying Spray with the Purest Intentions and ingredients, and it carries some of the most pristine, divine Elements and Angelic Higher Realm Crystalline Consciousness. Each bottle is personally Encoded and Blessed by Hand with Sacred Heart, Angelic Frequencies and Love, and Divine Diamond Light Codes, by Archangel Gabriel Channeled through Peter Hansen.


  • Shifts The Energy, Transmute Negative Energies.

  • Promote a Calm and Peaceful Environment.

  • Purify and Clear Stressful Energies in your place.

  • A must-have when staying in hotel rooms.

  • Provide a Calming effect on the nervous system.

High Vibrational Cleansing Ingredients:

The Palo Santo purifies and transmutes any negative energies, while the Frankincense facilitates and improves Pure Communication with Spirit. Pure Rose Oil promotes healing, elevates the conscious mind, and carries the Highest Frequency. Divine feminine Ylang Ylang balances with the divine masculine into spiritual attunement. Patchouli transmutes toxicity and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Lemongrass is a bright, potent purifier.

It also works for Aura Clearing, Bringing a deep feeling of peace and helping transmute stressful situations or shifting the energy in any hotel room when traveling. 

Directions: Shake well and spray generously. 

Store in a cool, dry place. 

The Archangel Gabriel’s Sacred Purifying Spray 4oz was co-created with Vurusha Skincare and hand-made in Austin, TX.

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Archangel Gabriel Purifying Spray - Peter Hansen Psychic Angelic Channeler

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