What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying…

Others share their own review of personal experiences, to express how Peter’s spiritual work and service have assisted them and affected their own lives. They understand how important this work is. Their openness and appreciation are shared here with you.


“I saw a photo of Peter Hansen on a website I follow.   It mentioned that he would be at a trade fair in a town not far from me.   I’ve never been to one but when I saw his face, his energy and kindness jumped off of the page and I knew I must meet him and connect as a client.

I went to the trade show and instantly felt that I knew him.   He did a 20-minute reading and the session moved me to tears.  He was accurate and empathetic.   When he opened his eyes, I saw that he too was teary-eyed.   What an authentic and kind man.

I thought about the reading for a few days and decided to obtain a longer session.   One full hour phone session.

This session was empowering and once again, delivered from a spiritual place of love and only for my higher good.

Peter is authentic and doing what he was put on earth to do.   He’s patient and kind and will leave you with information that you can use to stand more firmly in your truth.  I highly recommend him if you’re seeking divine guidance and an empathetic teacher.”



“What an amazing soul! I was blessed with a beautiful channeled reading with Peter that brought about a healing of my heart in soo many ways. It’s opened my eyes to some magnificent and magical awareness in which to evolve into my higher self closer to self-mastery. I’m grateful for this beautiful soul brother

Thank you Peter ♥️Love you tons”



“I just wanted to share with you how I was feeling since you worked with me last week.

I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. I wish I could explain it better but the cords are definitely gone. I feel no urge to fall into the old thought processes that I was in before. Also, you’ve changed in me the way I think about everything.

The issues I was having with self-love also changed. I’ve used many tools to work on self-love. Now as soon as I feel a negative emotion related to love a mantra of self-love boosts my vibration immediately. 

I can also finally hear my guides loud and clear again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart Peter. You made such a difference in my life.

You are amazing. Feel free to post the above on your site if you would like. Much love to you.” 



“I highly recommend Peter Hansen to anyone who is experiencing challenges or to those who need to grow spiritually in life.

My time spent with him was magical and life advancing. I feel as though my heart has expanded and I have opened up deeper. He came into my life at such a perfect time and helped me to focus on the positive aspects of myself, holding me in high regard as we spoke. 

In the wake of the experience, as deep and meaningful as it was, I also felt the light-heartedness and playfulness that we all so often leave behind. 

When all of this is matched with the gift of healing, the brilliance of his words, and the ever so patient listening, the experience with Peter is extraordinary. It leaves you loved, lifted, empowered, and better than how you were found.

Thank you Peter for your heart’s embrace, your compassion, and your shared gifts. Thank you for you.”



“Peter really, really helped me feel better when I was in a dark place. He has a special ability to heal the hurting, and I could not be more grateful for our session. His compassion and guidance set me back on track and instantly cleared the fog that surrounded my head and my heart.”


“I had a Skype session with Peter Hansen today, my first one with him, and I’ve been on a kind of ‘high’ ever since. 

First of all, Peter is so approachable, down-to-earth, genuine, and natural that he put me at ease. I have a lot of social anxiety, so this is really saying something about his presence as an intuitive healer. 

He channeled Archangel Gabriel and GAVE me 5 clear, spot-on messages from that energetic being. The highlight of the session was when he healed my knee, which has been bothering me and keeping me from my beloved daily hikes for 6 years. 

He remote viewed and healed it, after which I went on a one-mile steep hike. I’m not kidding. I thought my HIKING days were over… I’m so excited. I hugged trees, felt the energy all around, and just reveled in it.

At the end of the session, Peter cut some chords I needed severed and concluded the session by transmitting unconditional love into my body (“Angel Energy”). It felt so wonderful it just made me cry.

Definitely, a wonderful session packed full of wisdom, energy, love, warmth, healing, and high vibrations. Peter is the Real Deal!! “ You can’t imagine how much his words and energy helped me. I’m very grateful. I’ve never felt so much healing energy in my hands as I had today after our session.

A great way to end a great day.”



“Peter, you really are such an amazing healer. I’ve had cords removed from my ex-boyfriend before, but never with such totality! 

Ever since you took the cords between us away I have felt lighter, happier, and unattached to thoughts of the past! 

You really have no idea how much that has changed my life! You are the absolute best and I will never forget you.”



“Really really beautiful, before we spoke, I felt the words, “a clear mirror”… and truly, that is how it felt when we talked, I wanted to express truth from my heart, even if it was heavy, so I could gain clarity to what I was experiencing.

Your kindness, wisdom, and intuitive replies made me feel so much better, less muddled. Thank you so much again.”



“I sat with Peter this past Saturday. Had been feeling out of sorts and really questioning my path and direction. 

Within just a few moments Peter was able to determine I was half out of my body (not grounded), which is why I was having some particular thoughts. There was no judgment and an understanding I have not encountered before with anyone else. I would highly recommend him to anyone.  

He was spot on for several things going on in my life. He also gave me much needed ascension advice on several areas that I was not aware of.

Thank you Peter. Blessings and Love.”



“Peter, I was so touched by our session the other day I couldn’t stop crying. It was so powerful and deeply heartfelt to see you cry too when you looked into my heart and saw and revealed my angelic ties.

Your explanation of how to fully embody my angelic self has changed my life forever. Never before has anyone guided me with such clarity and hands-on techniques to be able to stand in my true powers!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are a gift on this earth.”


“Archangels Are Present Everywhere, In Each And Every Moment.”